Broadacre Crop Insurance

Broadacre Crop Insurance
Broadacre Crop Insurance

RECFES - Fire and hail can strike without warning – every year millions of dollars of damage are caused to crops all over Australia

Despite common belief, crop insurance policies are not all the same. As a grain grower it is important that you have a policy to protect your assets against major perils, when you need it most, from a company that understands broadacre enterprises

Because Landmark has been facilitating crop insurance for many years, we understand the issues and challenges faced by growers of broadacre crops.

Drawing upon our wide experience with primary producers across the country, Landmark can assist you with crop cover including damage from:

  • Fire
  • Hail
  • Chemical overspray
  • Straying livestock

Harvested crops can be covered while

  • in storage
  • in transit
  • and much more

Landmark understands your need to protect against crop perils, and facilitates crop cover with a choice of policies to suit your business, personal circumstances and budget.

No-one wants to pay for insurance they don’t need. You can choose:

the level of protection you can afford

the excess level you prefer

For assistance or to request a free, no-obligation insurance quote, contact us today.